quarta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2011

Ma chu Picchu...Mar...is...a...mar...

Lonely as a cloud

What shall we sing, my friends?
In what shall we rejoice?
There alone our song lives,
Where our ancestors were born.
On Earth, where they lived...
I suffer here on Earth...
He who gives life conceals

Men in a casket and in an ark....
But shall I see them? Shall my eyes see
The faces of my father and my mother?
Can they offer me their song,
Their words, which I search for?
Here is no one,
They have left us as orphans, here on Earth.

Canto Triste
(de Nezahualcoyotl)
Oye un canto en mi corazón:

me pongo a llorar,

me lleno de dolor:

nos vamos entre flores,

hemos de dejar esta Tierra:

¡estamos prestados unos a otros:

iremos a la casa del Sol!

¡Póngame yo un collar

de variadas flores:

en mis manos estén,

florezcan en mí guirnaldas.

Hemos de dejar esta Tierra:

estamos prestados unos a otros:

iremos a la casa del Sol!

Cuicatli Quicaqui
(de Nezahualcoyotl)
Cuicatli quicaqui

in noyol nichoca:

ye nicnotlamati

tiya xochitica

tic cauhtehuazque

tlalticpac ye nican


o tiyazque ichan.

Ma nicnocozcati

nepapan xochitl

ma nomac on mani

ma nocpacxochihui.

Tic cauhtehuazque

tlalticpac ye nican

zan titotlanehuia

o tiyazque ichan.

To Marisa...Mister Alberto, Lady Josefina, Tânia and Marcos...thanks.