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S O P H I A: Goddess of Wisdom § God' s Wife...Fátima!...to you!

Prayrs to the Holy Sophia   Top
Sophia! You of the whirling wings,
circling, encompassing energy of God:
you quicken the world in your clasp.
One wing soars in heaven,
one wing sweeps the earth,
and the third flies all around us.
Praise to Sophia!
Let all the earth praise her!
-Hildegard of Bingen
Sophia by Hrana Janto notice her wings, her belly
"Sophia" Copyright Hrana Janto

Used by permission of the artist.
Notice her wings, her "pregnant" belly

The Creed of the Holy Spirit
(by Unknown author. Please email if you know who wrote this!)
I believe in the Blessed Sophia.
I believe that she is Our Heavenly Father's Beloved Daughter.
I believe our souls dwelled with them in the Beginning, in harmony and love.
I believe that Sophia is the Divine Daughter.
That She lives in all women, and her strength and grace inspires all;
And she has sinned, learnt and is now strong and free.
I believe that Sophia is the Great Mother.
She is the Eema, the image of the hight of our strength;
And she has tutored me along Her Holy Path.
I believe that Sophia is the Holy Soul.
The Pneuma, the inner Crone of death and understanding within me;
And that She will bring completion in my waning days.
I believe that Sophia is the Spirit of God.
She is the Celestial Mother, and unites the Father and Child;
And She has given us knowledge of Their nurturing ways.
I believe in the Aeons, the Spirits, the gods of the Unknown God.
They are ruled by Sophia, they are Her children;
They all come from the Mother and to Her they shall return.
I believe in Reincarnation.
Her soul allows us to cycle throughout the prinsonhosue of matter;
Until we achieve the Liberation of the Light of Her Unknown Source.
I live in duty to restore honour to The Holy Spirit.
In prayer and reverence of all Her rituals;
From the masks of saints and goddesses, to restore honour to the True Queen.

Sophia by Pamela MatthewsThe Hail Sophia
Hail Sophia, filled with Light, the Christ is with thee. Blessed art thou among the Aeons and blessed is the liberator of thy Light, Jesus. Holy Sophia, Mother of all Gods, pray to the Light for us thy children, now and in the hour of our death, Amen.

Prayer To The Holy Spirit
Most loving Father of the poor, send your light down from Heaven, your Gift of most splendid gifts, the Light that penetrates all, the Fountain of deep consolation. Come, O Divine Sophia.
Come, Sweet Host of the soul. Give everyone rest from their efforts, respite from their hard labor, be their gentle breeze in moments of fire, the joy that dries up their tears and comforts their sorrows.
Enter the deepest depth of their soul, Oh Divine Sophia, and enrich it. Look at the emptiness within when you are not presence. Look at the power of sin when you do not breathe within them. Water the dry earth of their soul, heal their wounded heart, wash them clean of all dirt, place the warmth of life back within their cold hearts, conquer their uncontrollable spirit, guide them when the way is confusing.
Pour out on your servants your seven gifts according to their faith. In your goodness and blessings give them the strength they need, save all who are looking for salvation, and bless us all with your eternal joy.

Prayer to Sophia                                                              Top
Savior of the World, Sunny Lady,
Patroness of Powers, Sophia - Wisdom of God,
Invincible Almighty's Hand, Bless the World by the sign of Cross,
incinerate the Hearths of the world fundamentalism,
and erect the City of Saints by the Intercession of the Fiery Hierarchy
of the triumphant Church and crowd of angelic ranks,
save My Land and all the World!

Faith Hope and Charity Charm, Faith is the Cross, Charity the Anchor and Hope is the Heart
Faith, Hope and Charity, Daughters of Sophia

O holy and most praiseworthy ones, Faith, Hope and Charity, and wise mother Sophia of these glorious daughters: to you do we now hasten in heartfelt prayer, for what better representation can we have than faith, hope and charity, the three cornerstone virtues, which, bearing their names, ye embodied in fact. We entreat you to shield us, save us and keep us in every sorrow and trouble, because you are good and loveth humankind. We pray that your Mother Sophia's glory, like a sun that never setteth, be with us in our humble prayers; may the Godhead forgive our sins (mistakes) and iniquities (transgressions), and have mercy on us who are forgetful of our Being-ness. Pray indeed for us, ye holy daughters, also unto our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of Man, and the Holy Bride Magdalene, to whom we practice to be present with, together with his Father and Mother, the All-holy, and Good, and Life-creating Sophia, who are from the Everlasting. We join our energy and our consciousness to the Everlasting the combined Godhead, merging with their presence now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen in the Now.
Pictured Left: Faith, Hope & Charity charm very popular charm in the Victorian era and today.
Prayer to Sophia                                                    Top
Great Light,
Hidden within this darkness,
Unlimited Fire,
Brilliant Emanation,
Sapientia Dei,
Beauty and wonder
that fills me like water to a sponge,
Holy Spirit,
Rising Dawn,
Lily of the Valleys,
Tree of Life,Sophia collage by Lunaea Weatherstone see her website lunaea.com
You Are Beautiful!

Hail, Lady of Light
Hail, Lady of Light,
Mystical Lover of my spirit.
Blessed are you, Woman of Wisdom,
and blessed are the gifts you bestow on us your children.
Holy Sophia, goddess who leads to the One God,
fill me with your emptiness,
and darken my spirit with your light,

Salve Regina (Sophia)
Hail, Queen of Heaven,
Mother most merciful,
our life, our sweetness, and our hope.
You lead us on this pilgrim journey,
and to you we cry when we seem mired,
in the pain of exile from our true home.
And, gentle Mother Sophia, you soothe our tears.
Turn then, most gracious Advocate, your eyes of mercy toward us,
and bring us into the unity of the Pleroma,
with your heavenly consort, our Lord Jesus Christ.